How to live a lock and leave lifestyle
Have you heard of lock and leave living? It’s the ability to pack up and leave your home at a moment’s notice. No second thoughts. No strings attached.

It’s an increasingly popular trend among retired or soon-to-be retired couples downsizing as children fly the nest. It’s also a common lifestyle choice for young adults embracing remote work or prioritizing travel and experiences over owning material things. However, for all age groups, lock and leave living still entails having the comfort of a home to return to after each adventure. Clearly, the combination of stability and flexibility is even more enticing for many.

Another drawing feature is the lower cost of living. More affordable mortgages and fewer associated bills means more money saved to travel the world! It doesn’t matter whether that’s flying overseas or out to the Rocky Mountains, more people want to spend more time enjoying the worldly opportunities that come their way.

Choose a neighbourhood that makes lock and leave possible
The first step to living a lock and leave lifestyle is choosing a neighbourhood that makes it possible. That usually means condominiums or townhouses - a space smaller than a traditional single-family home and one that requires less outdoor maintenance especially. Trade your full-sized yard for a balcony or patio. More multi-family housing is popping up near parks or with shared green space instead.

For example, Shane Multi-Family suites are typically low-maintenance. Depending on the neighbourhood you choose, we offer townhouse style and apartment style condominiums. In some cases, that means no lawn to mow or walkways to shovel!

Embrace minimalism
Whether you’re a young professional prioritizing travel or downsizing as you enter retirement, you should take a serious look at the number of material things you own. Get rid of unnecessary items. The less stuff you own, the easier it is to leave it behind when you want to jet off on another adventure.

At the same time, we understand that some things are necessary. Especially living so close to the mountains, most of us have several toys to keep on hand for an adventure! For that reason, Shane Multi-Family homes are designed to allow for plenty of storage space.

Practice spontaneity
Not many people have always had the luxury of lock and leave living. The best part is the flexibility! Feel free to book those last-minute getaways simply because you can now. No need to plan ahead for months at a time anymore. Practice spontaneity!

Get to know your neighbours
It’s a good idea to get to know your neighbours regardless of the community you live in. We’re better when working together after all!

In the case of lock and leave living, there’s going to be times where friendly neighbours can come in extra handy. For example, if you still need someone to water the plants and check your mail while you’re gone, your neighbours are a safe bet. In neighbourhoods where lock and leave are common, you might be able to return the favour!

Downsize but don’t sacrifice
A smaller home doesn’t mean lesser quality or ignoring your design dreams. There is still space for creativity and quality in smaller-space living.

Shane Homes especially values design when it comes to building dream homes for Calgarian families. No detail is too small for us. We offer a variety of floorplans crafted from high-quality materials for each of our multi-family neighbourhoods. We consider interior design aesthetics as well! Each new resident starts with one of our four carefully curated colour palettes. From there, we encourage upgrades and customizations. We want your home to feel like home after a long trip.

The lock and leave lifestyle are why so many people love living in multi-family housing like condominiums and townhouses. It allows you to live the life you want to without yard work tying you down.

If you’re interested in adopting a lock and leave lifestyle, contact one of our area managers to chat about multi-family options.