1. Start with decorating your door! Wreaths add a warm Christmas greeting for your visitors. If you are looking for a Christmas activity host a Christmas gathering with your friends and family to make homemade wreaths! Or… if you are looking for a quicker method try hanging a synthetic wreath on your door. If you do purchase a synthetic wreath, invest in a good quality wreath as you can reuse it for many years because it is safe indoors!  
  1. Revamp your kitchen, Christmas style. Grab a couple Christmas candles and towels at your local Christmas Market. Also, don’t forget to make a fresh batch of Christmas goodies to go along! You may also have a special Christmas mug or figurine you want to put out to remind you of all of your wonderful holiday memories!  
  1. Get the Christmas advent calendar out! There are many options for this, you can stick with the traditional chocolate calendar or a calendar your hubby might get more excited about – a beer advent calendar! Advent calendars can also be a great gift give-away if you have an early November Christmas Party.
  1. Trees! This one can be a bit tougher in a smaller space, but try buying a pre-lit smaller tree that is easy to store. Keep in mind - if you purchase a Shane Homes Mark 101 condo you have access to storage lockers to store all your Christmas goods!
  1. Balcony lights! This is one of the perks of living in apartment – you just have to hang a single strand of lights on the balcony opposed to lighting up a whole home. This will save you from any Griswold lighting mishaps.
  1. Now that you have your apartment ready… the house guests are coming! Prepare the guest room with Christmas scented candles and hang some lights – try putting out Christmas towels for your guests as well. Don’t forget to keep your guests hydrated and set up a Christmas bar cart by the tree in the living room! Eggnogs will keep you guests happy for the duration of their stay (they might not even notice you forgot to mop your floors)!  
Merry Christmas to all the apartment and condo owners out there! Come by the Mark 101 and see all of the amenities we have to offer.