First, what is a quick possession?
Quick possession condos are just that – quick possession! No having to wait months, or a year, for your new beautiful home to be built. Quick possession homes are ripe for the picking! This offers the flexibility and freedom to move when you want to and offers you a first-hand look of your new home. This is extremely attractive if you are moving with a specific timeline in mind.
Set in Stone
When considering a move-in ready home, it’s good to know the purchase price won’t change as the construction and interior selections are already 100% completed.  You’re buying your new home “AS IT IS”!   Finishes, fixtures, appliances and upgrade options which would normally cost you extra are included in each quick possession purchase price.  Often; quick possession homes are available with special pricing incentives as generally the builder is wanting to sell the home promptly knowing it is ready for occupancy.   This could work wonders on your budget leaving you funds to buy new furnishings for your new condo. 
Your dream condo come true
You CAN judge a book by its cover, because with a quick possession home what you see is what you get! When you build a new home, it may be difficult for you to picture what your future home will look like, and what the space will feel like. You trust that the builder will take in your suggestions and desires to create your vision but it may be difficult for you to visualize exactly what the end result will be. It’s comforting to be able to visit a home, walk through each room, see exactly what gets checked off your home wish-list, and get an overall feel for the space. Being able to give the house a “test-run” will help reassure you that you are making the right decision.
Quick possession condos aren’t a cheap and fast option where details get skimped. You can expect a full warranty and protection in your condo like any regular purchase. In fact, quick possession condos could offer MORE incentives as opposed to building a custom condo outright. These condos are also called “spec” condos, which means that the options and features that come in a quick possession are more than likely the more popular features available and sought-after options. This is also a great long-term benefit as having all the bells and whistles in your home will help with resale if you ever plan to move on, giving this great investment appeal.
 Quick possession condos are a great option for buyers looking for a new place to call home. These homes come with modern styles and valuable options that’ll have you jumping for joy. So, make the move to a spacious, affordable home today!