One of the highlights of moving into a new condo is the minimal need for upkeep.
No lawn care, no shovelling the walk — all the time-consuming exterior tasks are taken care of.
But just like anything else, some maintenance is needed to keep things in top form.

When it comes to your condo, here are some things to keep in mind:

New Batteries
Smoke detectors are a key safety feature in every home.
Set a date in the calendar on your smart phone or desktop computer to remind you that it’s time to change their batteries once per year.  
“Some homeowners think, when they purchase a condo, that the property management company handles this,” says Desmond Morrow, site superintendent – Shane Multi-Family, the developer behind northwest Calgary’s award-winning condo development, The Mark 101 in Sage Hill.
This is an easy-to-understand misconception.
“A lot of things inside the condo building are dealt with by the property management company, such as heating systems. But smoke detectors are isolated to each individual suite.”
Your condo should have one smoke detector in the bedroom and kitchen.

While You’re Away
When packing your suitcase for a holiday, keep condo care in mind.
“We recommend homeowners turn their water off,” says Morrow.
This provides peace of mind while relaxing on the beach that water leaks will not be a concern.
“There’s an access panel in the front entry closet,” he adds. “You’d pop that open and there’s a shutoff for hot water and a shutoff for cold water.”

Door Adjustments
Just like in a single-family home, once the building settles, the performance of its doors can change.
This subtle shift can be a factor for both interior doors and kitchen cabinet doors.
Morrow says it creates “some minor rubbing on the interior jams of the cabinetry and the interior jam of the man doors.
 “This results in the need for some minor paint touch-ups,” he adds.
“It’s just minor adjustments. Unscrewing and screwing here and there.”
If hinges have been loose for an extended period or tightened on several occasions and problems persist, the screwholes may be stripped. 
To address this challenge, replace the original screws with ones that are the same number size but approximately one inch longer.

Keeping Clean
An easy but effective step to maintaining a clean condo is a mat at the front entrance.
This will lead people to make more of an effort to wipe their feet before entering your home.
Look for something that absorbs dust and mud. Dark-coloured mats and less likely to display stains.
Keeping your flooring vibrant-looking is an important way to maintain the value of one’s condo when it’s time to sell and get something new.
To keep dirt, dust and pollen under control, vacuum once per week. Experts suggest you should deep clean your carpet once every 12 to 18 months. 
One of the most effective ways to clean luxury vinyl plank, which can be found in the great room, dining area, and kitchen, among other areas, is a mop with apple cider vinegar. Hot water and dish soap works, as well.

For Your Furniture
Speaking of floors, sometimes furniture can do a number on them.
Moving couches, chairs, and cabinets can leave them dinged up.
This can be prevented by buying and fixing furniture pads on to the legs of your furniture. This product is inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores.