Airdrie is only a few kilometres away from the bustling, big city of Calgary, Alberta. Airdrie is a lucrative location for many new homeowners as the communities are growing at an exceptional rate. The people that live in this are typically young, energized and looking for a fun & exciting time. Now is the time to consider a move to this booming city, however, for any individual or family moving cities or provinces, it’s important to do your research and learn a little bit about the new location. Here are four things to know before moving to Airdrie, Alberta. 
Access to Calgary
One of the more lucrative reasons that Airdrie is popular for growing families and individuals alike is the proximity to Calgary. This a major pull as it allows for a quiet commute to Calgary. Whether it is for work, school or entertainment, living in Calgary can be very hectic and overwhelming for some people. Should you need to travel to Calgary early in the morning or during rush hour, be wary that traffic can be heavy so you may need to adjust accordingly.
Balance of Work and Life
While many individuals and family’s move to Airdrie because of their working needs, there are so many nice areas to live in Airdrie. It is spotless and environmentally conscientious, but there is a plethora of various events & activities that occur daily that will allow you to socialize and meet new people!
Access to Anything You Need
Life happens quickly and sometimes unexpectedly, which may require young families or individuals to situate themselves in an environment that provides them with immediate services. For example, families with little ones may need to bring their child to a health care facility more frequently than their teenagers or adolescents; the city of Airdrie has a community health care centre to treat young children and is only a 30-minute drive from the nearest hospital. The city is also littered with markets & grocery stores to ensure all your needs are met. 
Affordable Housing
There are many sweet & unique neighbourhoods in Airdrie, so we highly recommend that you check out all worthy prospects before deciding on one to move into. Housing in Airdrie is noticeably modest when you compare & contrast housing and living costs in surrounding areas like in the major cities of Edmonton or Calgary. Be sure to scout out different housing markets within Airdrie, as you should be able to secure a two or three-bedroom home for a moderate rate. Shane Homes also has many homes available in Midtown and Hillcrest, which you can find out more about by visiting the links below!
We want to help you secure the home of your dreams for more information regarding housing availabilities and options in Airdrie, visit Midtown today!