When living in a new home and new community, two companies play the biggest role in that experience.

There’s the home builder and the land developer. So, what exactly do they do?

Here’s a quick look at what each business contributes:

Home Design

The home builder’s drafting department is responsible for the structural design of your home. You can get a sense for these designs when viewing the builder’s floor plans posted on their website and in hard copy form at their show homes.

Interior design selections, such as the home’s tiles, flooring, and cabinets, are typically handled through the builder’s design studio.

Shovels in the ground

Have questions about the timeframe or quality of construction of your home? That’s the builder, as well.

They select and manage the trades and have various processes to make sure the buyer is pleased with the finished product.

The streetscape

This one is shared ownership. While the builder designs and builds the exterior elevation of the home, the parameters guiding this design come from the developer.

“Direction comes from the developer on what type of exterior materials to use and what colours will be accepted to ensure the look of the community matches the developer’s vision,” says Melanie Gowans, general manager, sales, marketing and interior design at Shane Homes. 

This comes from the developer’s architectural controls, which also include requirements around architectural styles and how often the same elevation can appear on a street, among others.

“Builders try to be accommodating if a new home buyer wants a specific colour on the exterior of their house, however, we suggest they come prepared with a few options as the developer may not approve their first colour choice,” adds Gowans.

The vision

We’ve all driven through a new community and thought “I really like how this feels.”

That’s part of the developer’s handy work. They master plan every detail to the community, from beautification such as entry features and trees, to street design and strategic placement of shopping complexes and housing styles. The planning and government approval process can often times take many years.

Enjoy the outdoors

In most municipalities, there’s a minimum percentage that new communities must commit toward green space. Use of that space is driven by the developer.

Beautiful parks, playgrounds, pathways, ponds, and the like, are all features the developer adds to help bring value to the experience offered in its communities.