Becoming a homeowner is a fun & exciting time in anyone’s life - moving out of your parent’s home or a rented apartment presents you with more freedoms and opportunities than you’ve ever had. However, choosing the right kind of home for you and your current living conditions is even more important for your overall satisfaction. Thankfully for homebuyers in Airdrie, Alberta, there is a multitude of different housing solutions designed to fit the immediate needs of the homeowners. If you are unsure of what you’re looking for in a home, here are some tips to help you choose the right one.
Street Towns
Moving into your first home is a major responsibility, and new home buyers often underestimate a challenge of that magnitude. The added responsibility of caring for and maintaining your yard is hard enough, so a street home is designed to help ease some of those first-time buyer stresses and anxieties. These homes are move-in prepared from the date of closing and come installed with a deck & patio, a disconnected garage, as well as fencing.
Single Family Front Drive
Unlike the single-family laned home, single-family front drives boast an attached garage and a fully finished driveway. This home is ideal for growing families, especially those with little children; the abundance of green space allows your children to play and run freely and securely. We also understand that some families are larger than most; our single-family front drives provide homeowners with a maximum of 2727 square feet of space, which makes it easy to coexist in a house full of family members.
Quick Possession Home
Quick possession homes have grown increasingly popular in the homebuyer market, especially in Midtown. If you were to ask a homebuyer if customization and personalization are important factors in the home buying process, a fair majority would say they are. However, time constrictions may cause a buyer to need a move-in ready quick possession home. Quick possession homes allow buyers to walk through a nearly finished home, and depending on the percentage of completion, buyers will have a say over some structural aspects, colour schemes, cabinetry design and so much more – potentially allowing some room for a custom home experience.
Midtown is a wonderful community for singles and families alike to experience all that Airdrie, Alberta has to offer. This community provides homebuyers with a scenic and quaint environment in a home that suits their living needs directly.  It is also a community that is bursting with public parks & grants quick access to schools and shopping centres! For more information on street towns, single-family front drives and quick possession homes, contact Shane Homes at [email protected] or 403-536-2312, or contact Trico Homes [email protected] or 403-980-9549!