Will the price change on my Shane Home?
No surprises here! We are transparent and make the buyer aware of all changes throughout the process. To keep things simple when your sale has conditions - the price can fluctuate. However, once the sale has conditions removed - the price is firm/final. If you choose to add upgrades you will receive a quote and will be given the opportunity to approve or reject any additional costs.
What can I customize?
Customization will depend on the type of home you are building. The sky is the limit with single-family laned and front-drive homes. However, condos, paired, and townhomes have some limitations. Visit us to see what we can do for you!
If you have yet to seek out pre-approval or need help with financing options, that is okay! A Shane Homes Area Manager will be happy to provide you with the information for a mortgage broker or bank.
Do you have any new homes already built?
Sometimes, we have a selection of already built homes in several communities. Quick possession models come with Shane's most popular upgrades, such as ensuite bathroom upgrades and built-in appliances. Take a look at our quick possessions page.
What is a pooled lot? How can I reserve one?
Pooled lots are developer-owned lots that every builder in the community has access to. They are on a first come, first-serve basis, which requires a deposit of $1000 to hold the lot.
What is a Red/Blackline?
This type of terminology has become standard in this industry. For example, "Blackline" is the standard floorplan of a home before customization and "Redline" is any options/additions made to the standard floorplan.
How long does it take to build a home with Shane Homes?
Build times will vary based on the product type you have chosen to build. With current labour and supply demands, check with your Area Manager.
What is the minimum down payment required?
For purchases under the threshold of $1,000,000, a down payment of 5% is required. For purchases over the threshold of $1,000,000, a down payment of 20% is required. In some cases, we may require a higher downpayment, your Area Manager will be able to confirm the amount needed to purchase your home.
Why would I purchase a new home?
Buying new is the way to check everything off your wish list. Quality construction is at the forefront of our goals while building your dream home. With our single-family product, you can customize every aspect of your home. Additionally, we have levels of customization for all our other home styles too! You also have peace of mind with the Alberta New Home Warranty program, a ten-year warranty when you buy new.
Does Shane Homes have a lawyer I can use?
When you use a Shane Homes lawyer, you could save up to $2000 in legal fees!

Closing costs (Transfer of land title fees), Transfer of funds/fees, Photocopying documents (disbursements included). In total: expect approx. $2000 in fees covered by us.
Career Opportunities
We have an incredible team! We would love for you to join us. For more information, visit our careers page.
Are you looking for a vendor or supplier opportunity?
Please call our head office at 403-536-2200, or you can reach us via email at [email protected]
Are there virtual tours available?
Yes! Visit our models page too take a virtual tour of our showhomes.
What is the design center/studio process?
The design center process is broken down into four appointment selections. Exterior, appliance, cabinet, interior. Visit our design page for more information.
Can I connect with an Area Manager to review my wish list so they can confirm the possibilities?
We were hoping you would ask! We have a variety of team members who are ready to help you review your customization plan. However, the level of customization will depend on the community, product type and price range. Connect with an area manager to review your wish list so they can confirm the possibilities!
Will Shane Homes list my current home for free?
The List for Free Program offers buyers a new Shane Home savings by reducing the commissions on selling their existing home. As part of the List for Free Program, Shane Homes will pay the listing representative the portion owed to them by the seller. Taking advantage of this program could save you up to 50% on commission fees!
Do you offer down payment plans over the course of the build?
We require a minimum of $5000 when we write the deal. The balance may be broken up into several payments. We are only able to start construction with the full 5% down.
What if I lose my job while I am building my home?
Some banks will offer job loss protection. Speak with an area manager for more info on how to obtain job loss protection.
What is my warranty from the builder?
We are proud to protect you against defects in your new home's materials and craft for one full year after your occupancy date, exclusive of separate manufacturer warranties. In addition, through The Alberta New Home Warranty Program, you will receive further protection on your new home for a full ten years on major structural items. Because we like to go above and beyond we add an additional 2 years coverage to the building envelope for all single family homes (that’s 7 years total through Alberta New Home Warranty).
What are the 'standards' in a Shane Home or what is included in the price? 
The standards are dependent on the model of home; however, they are listed on our website under each model. Here is an example of what is included: Standard specifications
Where are your Multi Family projects located?
Visit our multi family page here.
Does Shane Homes have any rentals?
We are always looking at new ventures. But currently, we do not have rental units available.
Does Shane Homes support sponsorship for non-profit organizations?
We are strong supporters of causes that promote health, wellness, and education, and that help change people's lives for the better. For more information, click here.

If you have a sponsorship opportunity, do not hesitate to contact the head office at 403-917-0887.
I am unable to log into my “myhome” account
For immediate assistance, please get in touch with your MyHome Concierge through the Virtuo App. Alternatively, please send an email to [email protected], and a representative will be in contact with you in 48 hours.
Do I need a realtor?
You do not require a realtor to buy a new home. However, if you are working with a realtor, let us know on your first visit, so they get paid for their hard work!
Would I lose my chance for my realtor to represent me if I go to a showroom on my own?
If you have not been in contact with us in the last 60 days. Your realtor must introduce and register you with a Shane Homes Area Manager on your first visit.

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