Most Affordable Living in Cornerstone.



Cornerhaven Townhomes in Northeast Calgary 


Cornerhaven townhomes are built for those who want to remain close to their family and tight-knit community, but are also looking to have their own retreat. Remain in the community you love, for a price you can afford, and receive Shane Homes quality in a townhome. 

Cornerhaven townhomes have private walkways, covered semi-private balconies over the garage, and a home office/small den with ample natural light. There is no wasted space! An open design main floor with the kitchen either in the front or the back of the unit allows the homeowner to set up the space to suit their lifestyle. Choose a two bedroom or a three bedroom floorplan. Enjoy your double car garage that covers for the Calgary climate and allows for enhanced vehicle security.

Cornerhaven townhomes have thoughtfully selected interior design colours which provides the homeowner the flexibility to choose what they like with options that compliment one another and can be mixed and matched. This allows homeowners to choose upgrades where they want them! Save and splurge where it matters.


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