Love it or Customize it

What does "Love it or Customize it" mean?

Shane Homes “Love It or Customize It,” opens the door for homebuyers to make significant changes to most of the floorplans available. Varying degrees of customization are available depending on the the homestyle. Shane Homes builds many product types: from condos to townhomes; duplexes and laned homes to front drive single family homes; and bungalows to estate homes! We offer different levels of customization for each product, reach out to see what you can do.

What can I customize?

We can basically do any kind of customization. Anything from picking a different kitchen faucet to changing every cabinet, even the configuration and location of your kitchen. We’ll make it happen. This sets Shane apart. While picking tile, flooring, and cabinet styles is a common opportunity for people building a home from scratch, big moves to the floorplan itself, certainly aren’t. 

How do I get started with customization?

We suggest you check out the Shane Homes Build & Price first. The Shane Homes Build & Price program will allow you to select your model and community of choice, from there you can make changes to the desired floorplan and price out the options. Once completed, a Shane Homes Area Managers will you help finalize your plan and make further suggestions! 

Get started with Build & Price

Is customization affordable?

The word custom is often times closely associated with being high-cost. Not the case at Shane Homes. There’s a cost when adding square footage, but if you want to move or add interior walls when doing so, we don’t charge anything for that.