Love it or Customize it

We study designs worldwide on a continuous basis and conduct extensive market research to determine what our customers want. This ensures that we are offering a wide variety of unique and exciting options. With our many years of experience, we know what most new home buyers are looking for. The average preferred size, the number of bedrooms, the kitchen layout and more. Many of our buyers will find the exact floorplan that suits their needs, others would like to see a modification or two to the plans we offer.

And we're good with that because we believe in ensuring our customers are getting exactly what they are looking for. We have 33 flexible models and each can be changed to meet our customers exact needs. Redesign the kitchen, add a bedroom, extend the bonus room or increase the width of the home. Tell us your vision and we'll make your dreams come true.

It's the better way to build.


What does “Love It or Customize It” mean?

When buying a new home, nobody wants to compromise on their needs -- nor should they. But when a homebuilder is restricted to their lineup of floorplans with little to no ability to make changes, sometimes the finished product doesn’t tick every box. “At Shane Homes, there’s no need to settle on a home that doesn’t capture what’s important to you and your family,” Melanie Gowans, General Manager, Sales and Marketing.
Shane Homes “Love It or Customize It,” opens the door for homebuyers to make significant changes to nearly 40 of its single-family floor plans. Varying degrees of customization are available in other home styles, as well.
“Shane Homes builds many product types, from condos, townhomes, paired and laned homes to front-drive single-family homes, bungalows and estate homes,” Melanie Gowans. “We offer different levels of customization for each product. “If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you, contact an Area Manager to learn more.”

Do we have what you want?

“We can basically do any kind of customization,” says Mark Albertin, Drafting and Design Manager, of its flexible single-family options. “Anything from picking a different kitchen faucet to changing every cabinet -- even the configuration and location of your kitchen. We’ll make it happen.” This sets Shane apart. While picking tile, flooring, and cabinet styles is a common opportunity for people building a home from scratch, big moves to the floor plan itself, certainly aren’t. "It comes down to having the right knowledge base and being able to accommodate any requests,” Mark Albertin, adding his entire team is trained on how to customize.

*We love building your perfect home. For some of our homestyles, like our Street Towns and Paired Homes, we're limited with customization. Please see an Area Manager to learn more. 

What changes do we see the most?

“A big one, especially in certain communities, is to add a full suite on the main floor,” says Albertin.
This is a favourite among multi-generational households. “Anyone who wants, for example, to have grandparents living in the home and don’t want them walking up an down stairs, we can provide a bedroom on the main floor, an attached full bathroom, walk-in closet, the works.” Kitchens are another hot spot for homebuyers choosing to add their personal touch, “A change to the island, adding wall ovens, going for a bigger fridge.You can add different banks of drawers, do a built built-in cabinet pantry -- the sky is the limit.” This includes mixing in a secondary kitchen, commonly known as a spice kitchen. These are enclosed spaces, typically attached to the conventional kitchen, that hide the mess left after preparing a meal, and restrict aromas created by strongly-flavoured cuisines from drifting to other parts of the home. “They range anywhere from a five-foot area where you’ve got a small cooktop with a sink to almost a full-blown second kitchen hidden behind a pantry door.” On the second level, common changes include moving the bonus room, and adding or subtracting bedrooms. “We can even add bathrooms to every bedroom so everyone can have their own ensuite,” Mark Albertin.

Can you bring in the design you want?

Has a home outside of Shane’s floor plan lineup won you over? By customizing an existing plan, we can make it happen. “If you find a plan that you like, whether it’s our plan, someone else’s plan -- something you liked while travelling over seas --  and want to have it, or make a couple of modifications, bring it in to one of our sales centres and we’ll make sure you get your dream home,” Mark Albertin. 

What are customers saying?

When a home purchase with another builder didn’t work out, Lisa Morgan-Gray approached us to see if we could build something similar. She was impressed with how we started from one of our floorplans and reconfigured it to “make it look like the home I wanted.”
“They nailed it,” adds Morgan-Gray. “I am so happy with Shane Homes.”  

Is customization affordable?

The word custom is often times closely associated with being high-cost. Not the case at Shane Homes.
“Adding square footage is an added cost, but if you want to move walls around in your existing footprint, we don’t charge anything for that,” Albertin says.