Trevor Balderston

March 25, 2024

Trevor’s life is anything but ordinary. He started his career flying high as a pilot, doing everything from thrilling acrobatics to navigating corporate skies. Eventually, he found a new adventure in the world of IT, where made his mark for 25 years. His journey took an exciting turn when he bought his dream home through Shane Homes. Impressed by the team and their work, he just had to join the Shane Family, blending his people skills with his passion for making a difference.

Away from work, Trevor is also a devoted dad to two amazing teenage girls who light up his world. He embraces the lighter side of life. Whether he’s “perfecting” his golf swing, running bases in beer league softball, or soaking up the outdoors, he’s all about enjoying the moment and keeping things casual. Trevor’s approach to life? Keep it simple, keep it fun, and treasure those personal connections.

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