Fred Amdur

May 6, 2024

Fred Amdur, our cheerful Receptionist, brings a warm and welcoming vibe to the heart of Shane Homes. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, and proudly French-Canadian, Fred infuses every interaction with his signature charm and flair. With a background in theatrical production, Fred knows how to set the stage for an exceptional experience. Beyond his reception desk duties, Fred is a vital cog in our office machinery, ensuring the operations of every team run smoothly behind the scenes. Need assistance? Fred’s your guy! Even if it’s just for a laugh. Outside the office, Fred is a vibrant contributor to Calgary’s bustling community theatre scene, where his passion for performance and craftsmanship shines. When he’s not tending to his welcoming duties or dazzling on stage, you might catch him experimenting with a new hair-do or spending priceless time with his friends and family. For Fred, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels embraced and celebrated isn’t just a job—it’s a way of life. So, next time you step into the Shane Homes head office, be prepared to be greeted by Fred’s infectious smile and warmth.

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