Our Expressions Design Studio is complete!

Our first customer Browsing Day was Sunday, October 6th, 2013, and early response from our Interior Designer who was on hand to help our customers was that “customers had less questions and were able to more easily find samples”.  And those who saw our Design Studio previously said we weren’t kidding when we said we were renovating as the space looks completely different and fresh!

Some of our favourite features:

10  Two spacious bright consultation areas for our Interior Designers to meet with customers.

9  Media room for kids to watch a movie while Mom and Dad are making selections.  Great space to keep the kids occupied and happy!

8  Insulation, hot water tank and programmable thermostats:  who puts these in their Design Studios?  We do.  They may not be the prettiest, but they play an integral role in making sure you are comfortable in your home.  We have dedicated a portion of our studio to these selections.

7  Abundance of lighting from artificial and natural light and heaps of interior and exterior samples including rail, stain, cabinets, carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, granite, quartz, fireplace mantles, door hardware, stone, siding and more!  Plus we have expanded our finishing options to include more base/case packages, ceiling mouldings, mantles and interior doors.

6  The colour, style and trend displays featured at the entry help our customers to quickly identify their style, colour preference and see current trends.

5  Well thought out displays such as these tile boards which display different tile patterns to make it easier when determining how you would like your  tile installed.  Also, the neutral colour isn’t distracting so all you see is the install pattern.

4   Another well thought out display:  Our exterior display has the door samples aligned to where the door is so you can actually see how an alternate door will look installed.

3  Two complete kitchens showcasing contemporary versus traditional finishes appealing to varied tastes.

2  One complete bathroom

1  Our Expressions Design Studio is designed as a one stop shop where you can make your selections in one place and see all of your samples together.  Our new Studio features plenty of well lit counter space to lay out your selections on (tile, carpet, hardwood, paint chips, granite, cabinet choice, etc) with the clean white counter tops providing the perfect backdrop to make your selections really pop!

We hope that our Expressions Design Studio will provide our customers with the inspiration they need to design a home that is award winning to them!