In honour of Remembrance Day we asked our Shane Homes staff if they have any family members who have served.  We would like to honour them and all the other veterans this Remembrance Day.

Lance Corporal Giovanni Mariano Albo (Grandfather of Candice Albo)

Served in the British Columbia Dragons Regiment.  Served as Light Infantry and was a musician and played in the military marching band.

Grandfather Albo , uniform photo

Lance Corporal Giovanni Mariano Albo

Ron Bath (Uncle of Gae Simmonds)

“He was 19 when he landed on Juno Beach in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944, D-Day.” This photo is from the 60th anniversary in France.

Ron Bath

Ron Bath

Robert Borrows (Great Grandfather of Zac Borrows)

Robert was attached to the Canterbury Mounted Riflemen before the World War I. He had enlisted to fight in the Boer war in South Africa but wasn’t allowed to go because his farm was considered essential to the area during war time so the government declined his enlistment and returned him to the farm.

Robert Borrows

Robert Borrows

Robert Borrows 2

Left to Right: Jim Borrows (Zac’s grandfather) – Home Guard – stationed in New Zealand for the duration; Robert Borrows; George Anderson (Zac’s Great Uncle) – Pacific Theatre esp. New Caledonia); and Bob Borrows Jr (Zac’s Great Uncle) – RNZ Navy

Leo Borrows (Great Uncle of Zac Borrows)

“My great uncle Leo  was killed in the battle of the Somme in 1916, he was buried there – my Dad was just in France and has a photo of the memorial to the New Zealand soldiers killed there showing uncle Leo’s name as well as a photo of the house that the medic took him to while they tried to save him (it’s still there).”

Leo Borrows

Leo Borrows

Ken Borrows, Eric Pratt, Andrew Russ (Ken is Great Uncle to Zac Borrows:  Eric and Andrew are Zac’s uncles)

“My great uncle Ken (Great Uncle of Zac Borrows) enlisted in 1939 with the 25th Infantry and fought the whole World War II. The one story I remember him telling was from Monte Cassino in 1944. He was left behind in a machine gun nest by his division to hold off the enemy while the rest of the NZ and Aussies retreated. He said the last thing he remembered was his commanding officer crawling over to him with a bottle of wine he’d found in a bombed out building, handing it to him and saying good luck. He was about to open it when the French broke through and rescued him. He died at home in New Zealand when I was 7 or 8 and donated his medals to the national war museum.  My 2 uncles, Eric Pratt also served in World War I and Andrew Russ served in World War II.”  (No photos available)

Private John William Butz (Great Grandfather of Damon Butz)

Infantry as well as Cook, Winnipeg Rifles “Black Devils” World War I.  Awarded the Military Medal in 1917 for capturing a German machine gun. His unit suffered huge losses capturing a machine gun. They used a grenade fired through threaded pipes. You attached the pipes one by one all the way to the machine gun. Each man would take turns carrying a pipe out and attaching to the end of the last pipe and trying to come back. Most did not return. My Grandfather had to make the trip several times as the line of men still breathing got shorter and shorter. The machine gun they captured is supposedly part of a monument in Winnipeg in a downtown park.  (No photo available.)

Walter Chwedoruk (Grandfather of Brenda Kasianiuk)

1941 Walter Chwedoruk 2

1941 Walter Chwedoruk

Walter Chwedoruk

Served in World War II

George Duffy (Brother of Jack Duffy)

“He served two tours of duty in Cyprus with Nato. He was stationed in Calgary, Edmonton, Wainwright, and Goose Bay Labrador.  He spent the last 10 years as a Canadian liason to the British Army in Wainwright. He retired as a Sergeant.”

George Duffy

George Duffy

Art, George and Napoleon Fayant (Great Uncle of Candice Albo)

They served in the North Saskatchewan Regiment Light Infantry. According to Candice “The three Fayant brothers were decorated for their bravery – “Cede Nullis” which means “Yield to none” was on their crest. Their French Canadian heritage and speaking fluent French was an asset once deployed to Belgian, and France in World War II .” (No photo of Art Fayant available)

Great Uncle George Fayant

George Fayant

Great Uncle Fayant

Napoleon Fayant

Eugene Gervias (Great Uncle of Candice Albo)

Served in the North Saskatchewan Regiment Light Infantry.

Great Uncle Eugene Gervias

Eugene Gervias

August Herald (Grandfather of Sylvia Charpentier)

No photo available.

Roy Kananen (Grandfather of Darin Berti)

Roy was born in Barons and lived there until he joined the R.C.A.F. in 1941 at the age of 18.  He went overseas and was attached to the 75th New Zealand squadron of bomber command.  He flew Lancaster’s and made 31 trips over Germany attaining the rank of Flying Officer.  His last trip was made in the early morning of D-Day and he well remembered the sight of all the ships in the English Channel headed towards France.  Soon after this he was posted to the East Coast of England as an instructor and at this time he married his wife, Betty.  He served as an instructor until May of the following year when he was posted back to Canada and received his honorable discharge in September of that year.

Roy Kananen

Roy Kananen

Roy Kananen 2

George Linden (Grandfather of Jose Silva)

According to Jose “he ran away from his adopted family when he was just 16. He lied about his age and said he was 18. He was just a 16 year old kid who joined with the first Canadian infantry division. He also helped to liberate Holland and was even personally thanked for his service by Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (second picture). He is a true hero.”

George Linden 1

George Linden

George Linden 2

George Linden being personally thanked for his service by Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

David Millar (Grandfather of Brandy Millar)

David joined the Navy when he was 17 for 2 years in 1943. He was the Captain’s first mate on destroyer escort from Plymouth England to Halifax.

Image from “The Royal Navy List January 1884”

David Millar

Alfred Montgomery (Grandfather of Brenden Montgomery)

Alfred Montgomery served in the R.C.A.F from 1939 to 1960. During WWII he was posted to a radar station in the Northwest Territories.

Alfred Montgomery

Alfred Montgomery and his bride

August Petrich (Grandfather of Sylvia Charpentier)

No photo available.

Private Wendel Russell (Great, great uncle of Damon Butz)
Infantry WW1.  He died in WW1 – killed Nov. 11, 1917.

Wendel Russell

Private Wendel Russell

Private Alfred Russell (Great Grandfather of Damon Butz)
Infantry WW1Was sent home from boot camp to work the farm due to his only brother dying. Lost his only brother in WW1 and only son in WW2

Alfred russell

Private Alfred Russell

Sergeant Clifford Russell  (Great Uncle of Damon Butz)

Served in the Airforce in WW II.  He died in a plane crash during the training mission. He was the only young man in Ogden, AB, to die in WW2. All the rest of the young men joined the Navy and came home.

Cliff Russell

Sergeant Clifford Russell

Frank Stafford (Grandfather of Sean Bazin)

Served 1939 through 1945;  1940-1941 on HMS Barham

Frank Stafford 1

Frank Stafford

Frank Stafford 2

Frank Stafford and his wife

Alexander Tombling (Great Grandfather of Will Holt)

Served in WW 1 – 3rd C.M.R

Alexander Tombling 003

Alexander Tombling – Far left

Stewart Tombling (Grandfather of Will Holt)

Served in WW 2 – HMCS Uganda In the Pacific

Stewart Tombling 2

Stewart Tombling – far right