In order to be able to provide more information on what is happening in our new communities, Shane Homes is seeking community correspondents to let us know what is happening in the community. Information such as new stores opening in community strip malls, community events such as Stampede breakfasts or lunches, community clean ups, community meetings and more.

Rachel has graciously agreed to be our “ear to the action” in SkyView Ranch.

To get to know Rachel better, she has shared her story with us, which we would like to share with you:

My Story by Rachel

“One day in the spring of 2012, my husband and I decided to start looking at getting out of the rental market and started seriously looking at purchasing our first home. We met with our mortgage broker to see where we needed to be, and that was all it took for us to start house hunting.

One sunny Sunday a few days later we drove up to Skyview Ranch. I have a friend who had purchased a townhome in Skyview and she loved it there, so we wanted to go see for ourselves. We had an appointment with a realtor selling a “pre-owned” if you will, semi-detached from another builder in Skyview. Before that appointment we stopped in to see Belal who was selling the single family laned homes in Skyview. Our timing was pretty tight, as our lease was up within 2 months, so we needed to purchase a quick possession home as we didn’t have the time to wait until the Fall to see a full build all the way through the project. We toured those homes and liked what we saw. He also suggested we go see Satwinder with Creations by Shane for homes in the semi-detached price range and floor plans.

We stopped in to quickly see Satwinder and walk through the showhomes before going to our appointment with the realtor to see the other semi-detached home from another builder. We were very underwhelmed by the layout and quality of home compared with the Shane homes we had just looked at. The kitchen, in particular, which is a major selling (or not) point for me and it was not what I was hoping for, especially compared to the well laid out and large modern kitchens in the Shane homes. The builder in question also builds their semi-detached in a mirrored fashion to your neighbors, while Shane pairs a different floorplan across the shared wall. Master bedrooms are opposites, for example. This was a major selling point for us, as we had lived in apartments and condos previously and knew how easy it was to hear your neighbors at all hours of the day and night. We had previously not even really considered the semi-detached model because of this reason, but the foresight into the semi-detached model by Shane Homes changed our mind.

After our meeting with the realtor, we went back to see Satwinder. We told her our favorite floorplan (Galea floorplan) and she happened to have a quick possession Galea available. She gave us the key, we went in for a tour, and we loved it. There was nothing about it I would have changed if I had been able to pick interiors myself. My husband and I had a little moment and decided this met all of our needs as a couple and as a future family. Satwinder informed us that that specific floorplan was selling like hotcakes and if we wanted that home… well, we needed to sign and give a partial deposit right away. We looked at each other and said, “Let’s do it.” She was kind enough to stay after closing time to finish up all of our paperwork and we left feeling excited, albeit a little bewildered that we went in to “just look” and left with a home! (Conditional to financing!)

Fast forward about 11 months, and that brings us to today. We are just as happy with our home today as the day we moved in. We love being a part of the Shane family and living in a community like Skyview Ranch. I love being able to see the stars at night, not hearing sirens every hour, feeling safe, feeling part of a community, being well enough removed to not hear traffic, but still being so close to major thoroughfares like Stoney Trail, close to CrossIron Mills and Country Hills Blvd. amenities, as well as having parks and open fields close by, and we’re definitely looking forward to raising a family there. We will soon be having our one year walk-through to make sure everything is still up to the “Shane standard” at the 1 year mark, and if it isn’t they will make sure we are satisfied 100%. We look forward to spending many happy years in our first home and when the time comes to upsize we definitely know who to contact!”

Photos of Rachel in her new duplex home in SkyView Ranch: