In order to be able to provide more information on what is happening in our new communities, Shane Homes is seeking Community Correspondents to provide updates.  Information such as new stores opening in community strip malls, community events such as Stampede breakfasts or lunches, community clean ups, community meetings and more.  If you’re interested in being a Community Correspondent, then please email [email protected] to learn more.

Rachel has graciously agreed to be our “ear to the action” in SkyView Ranch and Ashley will be providing updates for Sherwood in NW Calgary!

Ashley has graciously shared her story with us and we’d like to share it with you:

My Story by Ashley

My story starts about 6 months ago, I was living in a Shane duplex in Panorama Hills in the NW when my life suddenly took a turn. I decided it was time to make big changes and split from my husband. When we made the decision, I had full intentions of staying in the home in Panorama Hills. It was a nice place and would be large enough for my son and me to live comfortably. However I began to feel uncomfortable and needing to make a huge change.

I knew how much I enjoyed my last experience buying with Shane Homes, so I decided the first place I looked might be at the show homes in Sherwood. I had visited the Leera show home in Sherwood in Autumn for the Fall Festival. I viewed the four homes that are in Sherwood and I was by far most impressed by the Shane model. I went home that day and I thought and I dreamed that maybe one day I could be in a place like that. When I decided I would want to start looking at a new home for my son and me, I instantly thought that this would be the place to start.

I drove with my sister and my son to the Leera show home in Sherwood and my sister agreed that it was beautiful but might be a bit much for me. I started discussing with Lorraine (the hostess) and Claude (the area manager) what options I might have and what sort of price range I’d be looking at. We looked at a few models and they suggested that I should go out to Airdrie to view the Fiesta II model and see how I felt about it. They let me know that there was one that was being built as a spec home just around the corner from the show home and that it was just being listed by a Realtor!

I took my floor plan sheets and headed out with my sister still dreaming a dream. I knew I needed change. I looked at the floor plan and thought that it looked beautiful. I knew deep in my heart that it wasn’t going to last long. I immediately called my mom upon arriving home because realistically, I knew that I would need some help to move – to get into a home like this. She was a little reluctant at first but then agreed to look at the Airdrie show home in the morning.

We went out and viewed it and we were both dumbfounded by how perfect it was. The best part is that my son loved the home too! We hopped back in our car and headed straight to the show home in Sherwood. We went in and let them know that we wanted to buy the spec home. It was as easy as that. Claude was wonderful in getting all of our paperwork together and making sure that everyone was on schedule and taking care of business. He was always sure to keep us up-to-date on what was happening at our home. Our project manager Duane is also quite the guy who was the real muscle behind this build making sure that it was complete as promised!

This was the perfect option for me as I wanted to find something that I could move to sooner rather than later but I still wanted to pick out all of the colours and appliances. There were a couple things that were already chosen as we got in so late in the game but I hurried along through the last half of March and first half of April getting my colours, lighting, appliance, and plumbing fixtures chosen. I have to say that is the most fun part! I need to say that Marion in the design center is an absolute genius and can somehow tell exactly what you might like.

Dealing with Shane Homes is a blessing and a very easy, fun and rewarding experience. They understand your situation and they will do anything in their power to make your buying experience easy and smooth with no worry to you. They truly are there for your best interest and it shows in the care to detail inside your home and through the entire sales process. They have chosen amazing companies to work with that have the same values and customer care as they provide. Their employees are truly the top class amazing people. This is my second Shane home, my mom also owns one in Royal Oak and my sister owns a duplex in Panorama Hills. It is safe to say that we are loyal Shane customers and I feel that they would be my go to home builder if I decide to move again one day!

I moved into my home on May 16, 2013 and I can’t even begin to explain how perfect it is. I finally feel like I’m home. When I took possession on May 15, I felt that I could just sleep on the puffy grey carpet that night and there wouldn’t have been anything more peaceful and relaxing in the universe. It was hard to leave the house that night to go home and get ready for the real move the next day. When I was moved on the 16th, I was at home completely even before the boxes were all unpacked. I’ve now been here just over a week and we are getting the rest of our home put together. (We are almost there with just a few more pictures to hang and a couple boxes to unpack.) Tomorrow we will be hosting our house warming party with the intent to make this our fresh new start. I have lived in a few different houses but now it’s easy to see I am home. Friends who have visited already have commented how perfectly this home suits Dimitri (my son) and me. Now that they’ve seen me here, they couldn’t see me elsewhere.

I have been dreaming of a home in Sherwood for nearly a year and now with some funny circumstances, I am finally here. I love this neighborhood because I find it very accessible. My sister lives in Panorama Hills while my mom lives in Arbour Lake so it is nice to be in the middle. I am close to Stoney Trail – which means easy access to pretty well anywhere you might like to go. I work in Kensington and I have found so far that living in Sherwood has cut my commute time by about 10 minutes. I am glad to have fast access to Market Mall and to Crowfoot. I feel that I am closer in even though I am further out than I was and that there is a sensible route to any place you’d like to go in the city. I love the fact that I am close to Costco and basic amenities here! Everything I need is at my fingertips. If you decide to move to Sherwood, or to any neighborhood with Shane Homes, you won’t be disappointed. It is the perfect match for a new beginning or to continue an old one.

I’m excited to be the community correspondent for Sherwood and I can’t wait to get to know everyone around here more!

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