When you think of and picture professionally designed and decorated showhomes from Calgary top builders, you likely imagine that the interior designers have huge almost unlimited budgets and that all of the artwork and furnishings are professionally made and come from the top retail stores in Calgary.  Well, we have a little secret, our designers sometimes have to D-I-Y when they can’t find exactly what they want to complement the decor.

Yes, two of our designers, Brandy and Natasha, admit to getting crafty when they couldn’t find the perfect accessories for their showhome.

Natasha decorated the Tofino II showhome which recently opened in Redstone in northeast Calgary.

I chose to do a couple DIY projects for this showhome for two reasons.  First and foremost, sometimes you just can’t find the proper accessory to complement your decor – which was partially the case here.   When you search and search for items and can’t find a single thing, you end up having to get more creative.  Your creative juices start flowing and you get motivated to come up with something yourself.  When you do-it-yourself it can be exactly as you envisioned.  Secondly, by going the D-I-Y  route you get to be more creative with what you show in your house, as you create a one of a kind piece, plus you can have a little fun doing it!

In this showhome I created the artwork hanging on either side of fireplace.  These two pieces cost around $40-50 dollars.”

I also created the frame and hooks display in the mudroom.  This cost approximately $35 dollars.

mudroom diy

Brandy created this book wall art in our Wysteria showhome in Redstone by Creations by Shane Homes.


“I had seen this idea in researching ideas for showhomes.  By creating this myself I was able to build it exactly to match the size I needed.”