In order to stay on top of new product offerings in the ever changing marketplace Shane Homes headed to LA this month to visit its up and coming communities.  Members of our team from Drafting, Interior Design, Estimating, and Sales/Marketing toured through endless communities and showhomes on the search for the latest and the best in new home design.  Here’s a sneak peak of some of the design elements they found were innovative and trending in the LA market in mult-family home design.

Now of course Calgary’s climate isn’t quite like LA’s, especially when touring in the middle of winter, but one reoccurring theme was to combine the indoors with the out. This smooth design transition from inside the home to the backyard made the living space appear to be much larger than the actual square footage of the home’s plan. A great way to allow the homeowner to increase their living space when nature allows for it! There are many unique ways that homeowner’s are able to accomplish this, whether it be through almost full glass walls, sliding patio doors with large windows on either side or walk-outs with full width windows. While having a glass wall helps bring the outdoors in, outdoor finishings such as furniture, lighting and finishes selected for the exterior wall also plays a crucial part in making the outdoors appear in unison with the inside of the home.

Built-in cabinets are popular filling every available niche and even at times taking away coveted closet space.

Popular in kitchen cabinets:  pull out garbages, glass doors on upper cabinets, light valences, and full height pantries in lieu of walk-in or walk-through pantries.

The kitchen is the heart of the home …. or is it? The kitchen island is now making a big splash in the home’s centerpiece. It’s no longer your average rectangular square in the middle of your kitchen, but instead can act as the hub that gives your kitchen a unique flair. Whether it is replacing your kitchen table or going to stand on its own, the island has taken on many unique design styles that gives your kitchen a character all of its own.