A warm welcome to the Shane Homes Family to some of our newest home owners, Dan and his wife, currently building a duplex style home, the Allee, in Midtown in Airdrie.  They are taking possession of their new home September 16th, 2016.  We asked Dan some questions about the building experience.

Shane Homes:  Is this your first new home build?

Dan:  Yes it is.

Shane Homes:  Did you customize your floorplan?  What is your favourite feature of the home?

Dan:  Yes, we customized the ensuite bath and walk-in closet.  Our favourite feature is definitely our custom ensuite bathroom with full ceramic tile on the walls and ceiling and rain shower heads.  The shower also has a glass door, bench and glass shelves.

Shane Homes:  What is your favourite part of the process so far?

Dan:  Going to the Expressions Design Studio to make selections.

At the Expressions Studio we started with selecting the biggest item of importance in the house which was the laminate floors. Then after the floors we selected the kitchen cabinets, the granite, the paint colours and so on.

In the owner’s ensuite bath, the floor and shower walls are a high gloss porcelain grey tile and we used a small stone on the shower floor.

Here’s a picture of the bath floor so far and the walk-in shower. 

The bath floor features high gloss polished porcelain grey tile.  This polished tile was continued into the shower but we used a smaller tile for the flooring and continued it up the back wall to create a vertical accent band.

My wife and I agreed that she would design the kitchen and the living room and I would get the home theatre in the basement and my garage. But we both designed the shower and changed the bathroom layout and walk-in closet. 

We loved all the newer styles in the Design Center. For example,  the “Nest” thermostat and the electronic locks for the doors. We did check every sample possible. We didn’t want to miss anything. (laughs)

Shane Homes:  Do you have pets?  Are you designing anything special in the house to accommodate them?

Dan:  Yes we do have pets and we bought the Allee for our parrots. We originally were going to purchase the Galea but realized that there wasn’t a big enough window to put the parrots cage in front of (yes they are spoiled!).

Shane Homes:  Anything else that has stood out in the process so far?

Dan:  Satwinder Notay, our Area Manager, and associate Abigail James were just fabulous throughout this whole process.  They were a big influence on our purchase and after four months are now like a part of our family. They walked us through the whole process, showed us how to save in some parts of the house so we could upgrade other parts of the house and just gave us first new home buyer’s invaluable advice.  We will never be able to thank them enough!

Thanks for sharing your story Dan!  We hope you will share more photos once you move in.

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