Wisdom Wednesday – Tips from our Shane Homes Staff

Who better to ask for tips on building a new home, than people who have built multiple new homes and who also have a passion for interior design?!

Natasha has been with Shane Homes for over 5 years and she is on her second build.  Her first home was a condo.  She is in the process of building a narrow lot line home in the northwest community of Nolan Hill.  Natasha is on our Interior Design Team.


We interviewed Natasha about her new home build.

Shane Homes: How did you select your new home community?
Natasha: We picked Nolan Hill as that is where I currently live and we really love the area, the amenities, proximity to major roads, plus an added bonus of being only a short 45 minute drive to the mountains.

Shane Homes: How did you select your floorplan?
Natasha: We decided to buy a narrow lot line home. The lots are a bit smaller so they are more affordable, but you can still fit a spacious model on it. We purchased the Fiesta II and modified it to what fit our lifestyle best.
We picked a floorplan with an open main floor design with the optional kitchen layout that includes all the built-ins with a bump out nook as we enjoy entertaining our family and friends a lot so having an open plan was definitely a requirement. The upper floor already had a fantastic good sized bonus room over the garage with two spare bedrooms which was a requirement as we needed a room for our guests but also a separate area for working out.

Shane Homes: Did you make any changes to the floorplan to customize it to better suit your lifestyle?
Natasha: Yes, two changes that we made that were very important to us were to make the kitchen and ensuite larger. These are the two rooms we spend most of your time in so we made sure they were designed perfectly to suit our lifestyle. We like to entertain so having a larger kitchen with space to cook and for a lot of friends and family to converse in comfortably is important to us. In the ensuite we not only increased the size of the shower but we also added in two shower heads. Storage in a bathroom is important so we changed the vanity to have double sinks with drawers down the middle.
We also like the look of having one cohesive flow of flooring from the front door to the back door on the main floor. We upgraded our entire main floor to hardwood (other than the mudroom). By eliminating the transitions between each room we can get a more open feel to the floorplan and visually it is more pleasing.
We not only moved the laundry room that was originally beside the family room but we also increased the size of it and located it next to the owners suite as it is just me and my other half so it was more convenient to have it next to our room versus on the other end of the hallway.
We like a more modernized plan with straight lines versus angles so we got rid of the corner pantry and straightened it out. We also moved the fireplace from the corner wall to the side exterior wall. This allows for better furniture placement around the fireplace and creates more of a feature wall in the living room that everyone can see when they walk in.
The one requirement from my partner was to extend the garage. In order for his truck and my car to fit in and still have room to comfortably walk around we needed to widen and lengthen the garage.
As you can see from the list above, even though we bought a narrow lot we could still make many adjustments to our new home.

Shane Homes:  What were your top upgrades? How about your partner’s top upgrades?
Natasha:  My top upgrades:
1. Large ensuite shower with 10 mil frameless glass
2. Built-in wall oven/microwave with cook top in the kitchen
3. Large walk-in closet
4. Maple railing
5. Hardwood flooring throughout the main floor

My partner’s top upgrades:
1. Larger ensuite shower with 10 mil frameless glass
2. Larger garage/concrete pad
3. Hardwood flooring throughout the main floor
4. Adding windows for more natural light
5. Tall kitchen cabinets with riser and crown to take it to the ceiling (no space above cabinets)

Shane Homes: Any advice you and your partner would like to share with other couples looking to buy?
Natasha: Building a new home can be very overwhelming, take the time and do your research, make a list of what is important to you both and really think about what you want and how you are going to use the space. Talk about it with your partner. Make sure you both are open and straight forward with one another so when it comes down to the appointments you both are on the same page.
We weren’t able to afford everything we wanted but we chose what was important to us and what makes the most sense in increasing the value of our new home. When you factor in upgrades into the length of your mortgage, the monthly difference is not really significant.