Condominium Living

Condo living may be the perfect answer for you if you prefer a low maintenance lifestyle, affordable living, and greater security. It is also perfect for people who love the benefits and simplicity of one floor living in a one or two bedroom home. Having the flexibility to design your space exactly how you want it is also a great benefit which is typically not allowed when you are living in a rental apartment.
Condo living could be your connection to the community. Condos can be attractively located near thriving neighbourhoods with shopping, dining, entertainment, and nearby public transit. There is more available to you at your doorstep!

There are also typically plenty of chances to interact with your neighbours and get to know each other which can create a strong sense of community both outside and inside the complex. Condo complexes can create a close-knit environment where friendships are created and people are brought together. Community events planned for the complex can be the perfect way to meet the neighbours.
Along with the many benefits of purchasing a condo is the added benefit of low-maintenance living. When purchasing a condo tasks like mowing the lawn, raking leaves and debris, shoveling snow and fixing the roof is left up to the condo association. This is a huge perk of condo life.
The extra security of living in a condo can give you great peace of mind. Condos typically offer greater security than a freehold home or rental property. Newer condos usually have a secure front entrance with a keyless entry and security camera in the elevator lobby and stairwell entrances. Some may even have the added benefit of a secure underground parkade and storage area with security cameras.

Having neighbours close by also give you extra security. Neighbours will likely notice when an individual they have never seen before is acting suspicious. In the case of an emergency, if one should ever occur, it is nice to know that your neighbours may be able to quickly come to your aid.