Looking to make a move on a new home? Searching for your new home can seem like a daunting task! Like many potential homeowners, condo living could be the perfect answer for you depending on your lifestyle and budget! You can save time on maintenance and repairs, and save money compared to owning a house. Here are some serious benefits to owning your own condo to consider.
Who loves doing yard work? For most of us, the answer is a resounding “no”. In a condo, there is no need to keep up with these tasks thanks to the condo association! This group will manage the complex which includes contracting out lawn mowing, raking leaves and debris, shovelling snow, fixing the roof, and maintaining furnaces and vents that run throughout the building, among other things. This is a huge perk of condo living!
An added benefit of low-maintenance living means that you can travel knowing that your home will be looked after while vacant.
Living in a condo generally provides access to amenities that would be otherwise unavailable to a homeowner. Common activity rooms, pools, gyms, patios with barbeques, and theatre rooms could all be included in your complex! There is also the chance that your condo is in close proximity to more luxurious amenities such as a golf course, lake, or beach.
Not all amenities are about fun. Condos have many security features to keep you and your neighbours safe. Locked and monitored entrances/exits, doormen, locked storage, and secure garages are all important amenities that can put your mind at ease.
Bang for your Buck
Buying a condo can be a great compromise for your new home. Apartments can lack space and comfort while owning a house can take large resources and come with extra considerations. In a condo, you get comparable space to that of a house, while paying less for it! Owning a condo also gives you the ability to renovate your home to match your personality, whereas an apartment does not have that flexibility. For first-time homebuyers, condos are a great option to get started. For seniors, the benefit of downsizing and having maintenance taken care of is weight taken off the shoulders.
Buying a condo can be a good investment. The value of your home can appreciate over time, building your equity. Or, you can rent your condo out to a tenant who will actively pay down your mortgage!
Community Connections
Condo living could be your connection to the community. Condos can be attractively located near thriving neighbourhoods with shopping centres, malls, dining, entertainment, public transportation, work, downtown events... the list goes on. There is more available to you at your doorstep!
In your complex, there are plenty of chances to interact with your neighbours and get to know each other. There is a strong sense of community both outside and inside the complex. Condo complexes can create a close-knit environment where friendships are created and people are brought together. Community events planned for the complex can be the perfect way to meet the neighbours.
Having your neighbours close has some added benefits. In the case of an emergency, if one should ever occur, it’s is good to know that your neighbours can quickly come to your aid.
Finally, as the owner of your condo, you will be granted voting rights with your respective condo association. This gives you a voice concerning what happens in your community.
A condo can be a great option for your new home and comes with many benefits. Do your research to find the perfect condo that works for your lifestyle and budget. Settle into a home with fewer headaches and start living!