Living in a small apartment or condo can create big challenges when it comes to storage solutions. You just don’t have the deep closets and sprawling crawl space of a larger home. Luckily with some creativity and planning, you can have a beautiful and organized space in your cozy dwelling!


Tip 1: Double Duty

When decorating your place, look for functional furniture that also works as storage. Maybe incorporate a bench that has a lower shelf for storage baskets or possibly a versatile ottoman with internal storage space. 

You can also get creative - there are storage baskets cut to fit on the stairs for additional space saving. Or a rustic wooden ladder to store blankets can be propped against a wall also makes a nice decor feature.


Tip 2: Does it bring joy?

Marie Kondo and her KonMari minimalism system is a massive trend right now but it is also really effective for smaller spaces. Be honest with yourself - do you need certain items? Do they bring you joy or could you part with them? Giveaway, donate or resell things that you don’t use or don’t love. You will be amazed how much more space you have without extra clutter crammed into every corner.

Decluttering is an ongoing job. If you haven’t used items in a set amount of time (say 6 months or maybe a year?) consider getting rid of it. The best way to keep a small space organized is by having fewer things! Keep what’s really important and useful, not all the sentimental items. Then be cautious about what you add to your home - replacing old clutter with shiny, new clutter defeats the purpose of purging.


Tip 3: Get Vertical

Utilizing space in your place can be more than square footage - why not think upwards instead of outwards? Add shelving on walls for maximum storage space. Floating shelves look great and don’t take up extra space with large brackets. Or hang your hat collection on hooks over the top of closet doors- it’s a space people don’t typically decorate and is usually wasted.

Add baskets to the top of kitchen cupboards for hidden organization and a clean, tidy look. Bikes can be hooked onto walls for easy out-of-the-way storage. Mount a pegboard on the wall to hold toys, hobby items, or tools. The possibilities are endless!


Tip 4: Stay Organized Even When You Can’t See It 

Closets and cupboards are the natural go-to storage spaces but they can get crammed full fast. Keep your closets organized neatly with labelled containers - whether it’s your pantry with labelled plastic cereal storage bins or your bedroom closet with neatly stacked shoeboxes.

Keep towels and sheets folded nicely in linen closets or invest in space-saving vacuum bags to store textiles small and flat.

Closet organizers are key! They help you get the most of your square footage and what works best for you - do you need a lot of shoe holders? Or space to hang bags? Or drawers for lots of tees? Consider asking a professional for advice on what would work best in your space. It would be a worthwhile investment if it maximizes your organizational space and makes your day-to-day life so much easier!

Living in a small home is cozy, stylish and very efficient if you can maximize your space with the right tools and effective organization!