Community Matters

When Shane Homes was established in 1979, co-founder Cal Wenzel had the philosophy that the company would not only build quality homes within the community, but also help those communities grow.

Three decades later this philosophy still holds true, and the Shane Homes Group of Companies continues to be passionate about building strong relationships with the people who live in the communities in which we build.

“It’s a simple philosophy,” says Shane Wenzel, president of Shane Homes Group of Companies. “We are strong supporters of causes that promote health, wellness and education, and that help change people’s lives for the better.”
Over the years, we have re-invested millions of dollars back into the cities and towns in which we build, supporting the community and deserving causes. Our reputation for fairness, ethics and giving back has been one of our most valued assets. It is a pledge that we look forward to honouring in the years ahead.

Providing Support for a Happier Tomorrow

Supporting organizations that promote health and wellness is one of the three key pillars of our commitment to give back to the community.

A healthy body and a healthy mind allow all of us to make a positive contribution to society and we believe in taking a proactive approach. From funding high-tech medical equipment to sponsoring facilities focused on recreation and exercise, we are proud to provide our support to making for a happier tomorrow.
Resolve Campaign
The challenge of providing affordable housing for lower income groups and not-for-profit agencies is being met head-on by the RESOLVE campaign.
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Shane Homes Park and the Calgary Stampede
We've never been to a rodeo we didn't like, but the one we love is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
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Peanut Butter Classic Golf Tournament
This one is FORE the ladies only. That's right, a ladies only golf tournament, sponsored by Shane Homes since 2010, that raises money every year to support programs for women and children in need and collect jars of peanut butter for the InterFaith Food Bank
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Every Yard Counts Program
For any child, a stay in the hospital can be challenging, frightening and confusing. What better way to lift a childs spirits and make their day a little brighter than a visit from a Calgary Stampeder football player and the chance to go to a Stampeders home game.
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Famous 5 Centre of Canadian Women
Nellie McClung was one of the original fighters for women's right and we're proud to say she was a Calgarian.
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Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women
When people are in distress, putting a roof over their heads is often the first step to making a significant recovery and a return to contributing to society.
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Fort McMurray Disaster Fund
As Shane Homes' founder Cal Wenzel says, it's difficult to predict when a disaster might strike, but you can predict one will strike.
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Legacy Place
Imagine going to work not knowing exactly how each day will unfold, but knowing full well it could mean attending to a severe accident where people are facing death or facing a crisis situation
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Helping Building Character Through Sport

We believe competition builds character, giving people, especially youngsters, a better chance of succeeding in whatever life path they follow.

From soccer to swimming, football to hockey, ringette to figure skating, we sponsor fields and pools, rinks and arenas and are particularly fond of creating opportunity and accessibility for people or families who might not be able to participate due to barriers, such as financial, distance and travel.
Calgary Minor Soccer Association
There are more than 20,000 soccer players from four to 18 years of age in Calgary and that number grows every year.
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Kids Up Front and The Yards For Kids Program
We've all done it – bought tickets to an event, only to have something come up that prevents us from going. But what to do with the tickets?
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Airdrie's East Lake Recreation and Wellness Centre
Imagine a centre large enough for two indoor soccer fields, twin arenas, swimming pools, indoor running track, a world-class gymnastics facility and you're imaging Airdrie's East Lake Recreation and Wellness Centre.
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Willow Park Charity Golf Classic
At Shane Homes, we 've turned our love for golf into a major fund raising event every year since 1998, the Willow Park Charity Classic Golf Tournament.
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Frank Lindsay Golf Tournament
Frank Lindsay was a man who lived life to the fullest and golf was a true love of his. Frank founded Carpets for Less in 1984, which became a trusted supplier to Shane Homes, a relationship that continues to this day under the name All Floors.
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Conner Hamilton
We admire entrepreneurs - our company was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit – and we especially admire the brave ones.
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Winsport Canada
Hosting an Olympic Games elevates the host city to world-wide recognition and respect and the Winter Games Calgary hosted in 1988 are among the most successful of all time.
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Westside Recreation Centre
Our commitment to health, wellness and quality of life is fulfilled many fold at the Westside Recreation Centre.
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Springbank Park For All Seasons
Nothing says staying healthy better than being with family, friends and neighbours, participating in sports, social and other activities.
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Okotoks Recreation Centre
With a focus on health, wellness and athletics, the Okotoks Recreation Centre (OKC) is dedicated to year round sports, leisure and continuing education programs, bolstered by a $100,000 donation from Shane Homes.
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Building a Healthy Foundation for Tomorrow

What we do today will have a profound impact on what form tomorrow takes and the key to a positive tomorrow is education today.

We support education programs that lead to equality, opportunity and social responsibility, creating career paths for young people in trades, technology, the sciences, the arts – whatever they choose to pursue. Through education, we build a healthy foundation for tomorrow.
Sait Polytechnic's New Trades and Technology Complex
Supplying skill-based training, primarily in the areas of energy, construction and manufacturing ensures a solid future for the home building industry and helping to create thousands of well-paying jobs is the focus of the Trades and Technology Complex.
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