As an Interior Designer, many home buyers tell me they never expected to make ‘this many decisions’. From electrical placement to grout color, there are a myriad of minute details that make up a home, and it can get overwhelming fast.
In this blog post I am going to go over some common mistakes that home buyers make when building their first home, and how you can avoid those same mistakes.
1)            Not Adding a Second Hose Faucet.
You would be surprised how many headaches you will avoid later trying to water your lawn by adding an additional hose faucet. Review your hose faucet locations with your salesperson to make sure you have enough.
2)            Add the Extra Window NOW.
If you are thinking of adding a couple extra windows you may want to do this up front instead of adding it later. Adding a window is a task that requires heavy modifications to the outside of your home. There are also architectural restrictions that need approval by the community developer, which may dictate where and how many windows you can have.


3)            Opt for Drawers, Not Doors.
Not having enough drawers can lead to disorganization and frustration in key areas like the kitchen and ensuite. Adding a second bank of drawers in the kitchen means more storage for all those pots and pans. And an extra set of drawers in your bathroom means less clutter on the countertops!
4)            Soft Close is the Way to Go.
Speaking of cabinets, adding soft-close hinges and slides to all doors and drawers in the home means no one will be able to slam a cabinet door again. This is an affordable upgrade as well, and one that you will not regret adding later.
5)            Don’t Glaze Over Your Electrical Placement.
Poorly placed electrical switch can be a real pain when you are trying to fumble your way through the house in the dead of night. Go over your electrical plans in detail and make sure your switches are in convenient, easy to reach locations.
6)            Not Adding a Sink to the Laundry Room.
Having a sink in the laundry room can be a lifesaver when you are trying to get that ketchup stain out. At the very least, adding the plumbing rough-ins now can make adding that sink and cabinet much easier later on.
7)            Short Upper Cabinets.
Adding height to your cabinets so that they are flush to the ceiling is an upgrade that is often overlooked when building your first home. But this can be a costly upgrade later on and may mean changing out all cabinetry. Add a filler with crown moulding for a sleek and contemporary look.


8)            Not Enough Storage for Your Guest’s Coats.
While you may have prioritized storage for all your coats and jackets, what about your guests? Making sure you have that extra closet or hooks will avoid the embarrassment of throwing everyone’s coats in your bedroom when they come over for dinner.
9)            Choosing the ‘Cheaper Option’.
Budget is a real consideration when building a new home. However, sometimes going for the less expensive option is not always the best choice. While you can make a beautiful home with our standard selections, in some areas it pays to upgrade now. Take carpet as an example, upgrading to a premium designer carpet is something you may have to pay double to replace later. And your feet will thank you!
10)          Not Adding a Hand Sprayer for the Tub.
Save yourself the hassle by adding a hand sprayer to your tub to make cleaning a breeze. Nothing is worse than realizing you can’t rinse your new tub properly after taking a relaxing bath.
Building your first home is a journey that can be stressful but can also be exhilarating and exciting too. Putting your personal touch on every part of your home is an experience that will bring immense joy when you see the final product. Taking a second look at items such as on the the list above will ensure you make the most out of your new home for many years to come. Happy building!