Market Research

Shane Homes keeps aware of what is happening in the market place in several ways with the utmost attention paid to listening to our customers. This customer collaboration allows us to develop new products and refine existing home designs and services based on our customer preferences.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    customer satisfaction

    The ultimate goal at Shane Homes is for our homes to be built on time, to the highest of standards, with satisfaction being the highest priority.

    In order to accomplish this goal Shane Homes uses a third party research company (International Results Group) to survey 100% of our customers at three different stages of their home buying process which allows us to track our performance, determine customer satisfaction levels and to identify areas that require improvement.

  • Listening Groups

    listening groups

    We also conduct listening groups which consist of an invited group of participants (both customers and non customers) to share their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas on topics such as our product offering, the purchase process and new technologies and concepts.

  • Customer Orientations

    customer orientation

    In addition to our extensive market research we also hold customer orientation sessions to help familiarize our customers with the home building process, outline their and our responsibilities and review the importance in timing of various decisions that need to be made. All of this helps make their home building experience more enjoyable.

  • Open Communication and Long Term Relationships

    open communication

    To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction we build in sought after communities, continually look at ways to improve our product offering and maintain a culture which encourages open communication between our staff and customers. We also build and uphold long term relationships with trades and suppliers which helps guarantee high quality craftsmanship and service.