I have spent my life building Shane Homes, which is a family business committed to building this great city. We have been building homes for Calgarians since 1979. I love this city.

The people of Calgary have been good to our family, and we give back significantly, both directly and through our Foundation. We do this because we can, and because we believe it is the right thing to do.

I am a proud Calgarian. I believe that to be truly dedicated to your city you need to get involved. You need to stand up for what you believe in. I have enormous respect for those who run for public office in order to directly serve their community, even though I sometimes may disagree with some of their policies.

A policy from City Hall that I found particularly problematic last year was the indication that most of the planned future residential development in Calgary would be slowed or halted for a period of time. This would create a shortage of lots, which would reduce housing choice and increase housing cost for Calgarians.

Privately voicing my political views to an audience of land development and housing industry people was not an invitation to the Mayor and some members of council to use me as a figurative punching bag. The false statements and election-campaign fear mongering at my expense went beyond what is legally right.

The damage to my reputation has been real and substantial. It demands legal redress. I waited to act until the election was over, so as not to create a sideshow that would distract from important city issues, including the looming housing crisis in Calgary.

The legal letter sent to Mayor Nenshi outlined clearly my expectation. I requested and hoped for an apology. That was all. Had he agreed, this matter could have ended. He declined to do so and the matter is now before the courts.

My lawsuit seeks substantial damages which I believe are commensurate with the damage done to my character and reputation, and the law requires that I quantify those damages in my claim.

However, monetary compensation is not my primary motivation in this lawsuit and so any damages awarded to me will be donated or otherwise directed into charitable works.

For now, I have no further comment.

Cal Wenzel
Shane Homes Limited