Shane Homes has pledged $100,000 to help victims of last week’s flood in Calgary. According to Cal Wenzel, CEO of Shane Homes, he has $100,000 set aside in a Community Disaster Assistance Fund and this flood is exactly where it is intended.

The monies will be mainly allocated by offering services that will help victims recover the quickest and begin rebuilding their lives. “It was obvious with us being in the building industry we already have access to the knowledge, skills and equipment required to assist in such a cleanup. We felt rather than donate this particular pool of money to an open fund, we could be of more assistance to more families by making things happen as quickly as possible. We have business relationships with providers of many of the services and the manpower to accomplish what is needed; we use many of them on a daily basis. We are able to re-direct some services we are using ourselves to the cleanup, and can leverage our buying power to offer more help to more people. As of Tuesday we dropped off all of our generators to various communities around the city, and will maintain daily gas requirements. We will be dropping off and picking up waste bins, arranging bobcats where needed, offering experienced manpower, and professional services if needed. There is a full-time company coordinator ensuring things are happening as promised.”

Jim Smith, VP of Operations for Shane Home is responsible for coordination and supervision of this ‘helping hand’ along with other senior staff members. They will be working closely with community leaders in the areas to compile a list of other specific needs they can assist with to help move recovery along. Some key contacts have already been made in various communities. Details will be posted as information becomes available on the company website at, via social media on twitter at and on Facebook at