News » Shane Homes announces three year $400,000 sponsorship of youth soccer program

On April 17, a three year partnership between Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) and Shane Homes was announced.

CMSA is a non-profit organization representing approximately 32,000 young soccer players in Calgary. Shane’s sponsorship includes naming rights of the U-8 (under eight years old) program, sponsorship of the CMSA All Star Indoor Tournament from ages U-12 to U-18 as well as scholarships, mentor program and much more. Please refer to the press release attached, issued by CMSA, for details on the sponsorship.

Shane Wenzel, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Shane Homes explains how this partnership came about. “While my wife will take credit for getting our son involved in soccer, we both got involved as coaches last year and became more informed about the sport. I eventually met Daryl Leinweber, the Executive Director for CMSA, who is really into the sport and impressed me with his dedication. This led to us sponsoring the All Star games this spring.”

Daryl Leinweber, Executive Director for CMSA explains, “We’re thrilled to be working with Shane Homes. All Calgary youth should have the opportunity to reach their desired level of achievement and play in a sport that is accessible and affordable. Youth soccer is the largest participation year round sport in Calgary and surrounding area. This partnership allows this to continue.”

Wenzel says Shane Homes is very excited to be involved with the CMSA. “We like the health and wellness that soccer brings with it, it’s a really nice fit with our objectives of reinvesting in the community,” he says. “It is an affordable sport for parents to get their kids into and they can play at reasonable times of the day. And soccer reaches out throughout Calgary and the surrounding area similar to how Shane Homes does, so it’s a natural fit.”