News » Launch of 2007 Shane Homes Safety Program

Shane Homes is raising the bar on promoting jobsite safety awareness for customers, trades, suppliers and staff with our Home Safety Program. “Our Home Safety Program and safety policies are designed to ensure that the jobsite is a safe work environment for our trades, staff, and a safe place for our customers to visit their new home while it is under construction. We take safety very seriously,” says Shane Wenzel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shane Homes and Creations by Shane Homes.

Enforcing safe work site practices on our jobsites is certainly not a new thing for us. We have a full time safety and quality control supervisor who visits our jobsites to enforce safe work practices. We also have our Certificate of Recognition in safety which is issued to employers who develop and implement health and safety programs that meet established standards. Also, on the front line, our field staff have first aid training, carry first aid kits in their vehicles and have completed the Construction Safety Training System Program. As well, home purchasers are required to sign in at our showhomes and wear the personal protective equipment that is provided to them before visiting their home site while it is under construction.

Although safety requirements are definitely something that our trades are familiar with, a refresher course never hurts. With this in mind, we have produced a jobsite safety video specifically for our trades, suppliers, and staff with useful advice to contribute towards their safety and the safety of those around them, making the jobsite a safer place for everyone.

“Ron Heggs, Director of Special Projects, was key in producing this video,” says Wenzel. “As well as being the host of the video and someone that our trades, suppliers and staff know, respect and trust, his thirty plus years of experience in the field was instrumental in making sure we had the right content and that it was presented in a way that made sense.”

As part of our Safety Program, we have also produced a jobsite safety video, specifically for our customers, which outlines potential hazards at every stage of the construction process. By watching this video, our home purchasers will become better educated on what to watch out for on the jobsite, in order to make their visit safer. Also, customers are encouraged to only visit the jobsite at three scheduled intervals, rather than at random, so there is less chance of exposure to unsafe jobsite conditions.

New for 2007, all Shane Homes' and Creations by Shane Homes' purchasers will receive a first aid kit and fire extinguisher when they move into their new home. “The ultimate goal is that everyone goes home safe and well at the end of the day,” says Wenzel.