News » Shane Homes featured in the Sunday Business section of The New York Times

Paying attention to their customers has paid off for Shane Homes! Not only did their customers think it was a good idea, so did Mickey Meece, reporter for The New York Times. By following the golden rule of listening to their customers, Shane Homes now does business with a whole new twist. Shane had always listened to their customers, but they have started listening more closely in a new and innovative way. It was so innovative, that Shane made news on the front page of the Sunday Business section in the October 29th issue of The New York Times. This took their idea to a whole new level.

Shane Wenzel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shane Homes, says “It wasn’t until 2004 when we finally got it – women are the final decision makers on who they buy their home from, and what goes into the home they buy. We wanted to know in advance what these key decision makers were looking for, and there was only one way to find out - ask them!” Shane Homes didn’t want to just pay ‘lip service’ to the expression ‘we build what you want’, they wanted to stand out from the crowd and actually do it. “We already knew what we wanted to do, so we added inspiration from Joanne Thomas Yaccato, author of The 80% Minority, and moved aggressively ahead on doing what we should have done a long time ago. We took the information we learned, and made it into an award winning home, the Yaccato II."

While Shane Homes has always done traditional research, and still does, they knew they had to stretch the envelope. “We don’t rely on traditional focus groups as a way for our customers to really tell us what they wanted, we refined the way they are done, and designed a whole new technique and process that is even more effective. What came out of it was a whole new way of thinking about building homes, and a completely new technique for collaborating with our customers," says Wenzel.

Since they ‘hit the Times’ Shane has fielded numerous calls and e-mails from a variety of industries, with invites to share their winning technique of ‘asking and then actually listening’. New and exciting things are underway at Shane Homes for the future, so keep your eye on The New York Times.